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What are violent games?

Violent games are pretty much what they sound like. These games include some pretty fucking gnarly stuff. Now, most sexy gamers know this and approach these games with caution. I certainly wouldn't recommend you play these violent games without having played another sex game or at least checking out some BDSM porn. Unless you are truly fucking hardcore! However, even those most sex gamers approach these games with caution, violent games continuously come under fire from people.

This is because someone has some-fucking-how stumbled upon one of these games and taken it way overboard. Most violent games are fucking violent, sure, but every sexy person that plays these porn games knows that they are exactly that, a game. So, when violent games get into the news because they are destroying our fucking youth and shit like, hardly any fucking game developers pay any notice. You see, these violent games make as many fucking people rape in real life as a game like GTA does. I am not suggesting for one fucking second that these sex games are innocent and every cunt interested in fucking gaming should give them a go, a 10-year-old who loves playing fucking Fortnite would piss and shit themselves playing these games. What I am saying is that these violent games are only violent in real life if a person is already pretty unstable.

Most people who play violent games enjoy them because they take them out of fucking reality. Most people want to experience shit like BDSM, perhaps rape and even gnarlier but in game form. There are plenty of sexy ladies who play violent games, some of these lovely ladies are probably reading this right now thinking "hurry the fuck up you cunt, get to the most rapey game". I think I can speak for these sexy ladies (like men don't do that enough already) and say that these ladies don't want to get raped in real life, of course, they fucking don't. No one wants to get raped. But these games give them a way of experiencing what they suspect could be a hot experience in safety.

Now, that doesn't mean that violent games should be praised or any shit like that. All I am saying is that some of you sexy lot use these games to escape the world. Many of us play games and watch porn that contains shit that we would never fucking do in real life, but we get a kick out of watching it. For example, if I came home one day and pissed all over my partner, my balls would be on the menu for that evening's meal. Yet I have watched pissing porn in the past, simply to see why the fuck others watch it, of course.

All I am saying is that if you've come on this fucking site to moan about violent games and how they are ruining the youth and all that sort of shit, don't. Firstly, all violent games are restricted to shit, and you must have an account with all games sites to play any form of sex game. Secondly, people play these games because they are bored with their lives, they want to experience some naughty as fuck shit or just because they are bored. 99.9% of people that play violent games are not going to go out and perform these sex acts on others so just chill the fuck out!

Right, now all that shits out of the fucking way, let's discuss some violent games, shall we? I won't be going into any specific games on this bit of the site, but if you do want to learn some more about certain violent games, you can find them all over this fucking site. I have played every violent sex game on the market, and I am here to share my experiences with you. A lot of these violent games are worth checking out, some of these games should be put in an asylum, and others should be buried in the deepest fucking hole in the middle of fucking nowhere in the hope no cunt ever finds it again. Just before I get any more into violent sex games, let's look at what you should look for in your first violent sex game.

Checking out violent games for the first time?

Let me guess, you've watched some gnarly porn and fancy playing a violent sex game or two to see what this shit is like with you in control? Am I close? If that's the case, then there's some shit you should know about violent games before you get to playing. Firstly, if this is your first time playing a violent porn game, just take it fucking slow. If you've never played a sex game before, try out another milder sex game first. Violent games are fucking gnarly as fuck. In fact, a lot of mild games are pretty fucking gnarly too, so make sure you can deal with this shit before you come over to the big leagues.

If you're now thinking "I'll be fine, this cunt worries too much", go and play a milder fucking sex game! I ain't fucking kidding. Violent porn games get fucking gnarly quickly, there are rape scenes that you are in control of straight away, and a lot fucking more. This ain't BDSM porn or some shit like that, this is gnarly fucking stuff where you may begin your sex game adventure by smacking a woman around the head and then gang-raping her with all your friends. You may even be the girl if you pick to play a female character. Be aware of this shit before you play. Violent games are fun to play, but you gotta know the sort of shit you are signing up for.

Find the best violent sex game if you're a pro

If you've played a few violent games before and want the gnarliest shit you can find, you're in the right fucking place. I have all of the fucking insanely crazy violent games on here. Now, just because a violent porn game features highly on one of my lists, that doesn't mean that it's a good game. I judge games on far more than just how gnarly it is. I want these violent games to have a story, to have character backstories, to have good graphics. All of this and more goes into these porn game reviews. So, explore this site. Review my games reviews and see whether that sounds like a good porn game for you to play.

I can't tell you what the best violent sex game for you to play is. I can only tell you about my experience within a porn game. So if a game is confusing as shit, or if it's too easy, boring or fucking awesome, it's just my opinion. From there, you gotta use this sexy info to make up your own mind. You will find the best violent sex game on this site, I can fucking promise you that, but which is the best violent sex game you? I ain't got a fucking clue!

How violent are these games?

Fucking violent! This is why I have had to spend so much of this fucking page telling you to be selective in the games you play. I ain't here to ruin your fucking time, far from it. I want you lovely lot to visit this fucking site time and time again to find great violent games to play, but they are fucking extreme. There is shit in these games that not many people can handle, remember that shit. Again, I ain't trying to put you off, these games are fun as fuck, if you are the right person. If you can't handle the violence in these games (the rape, sometimes murder and that sort of shit) perhaps check out one of my partner sites with some milder shit on it. I firmly believe that there is a sex game that everyone can enjoy, but not everyone will enjoy a violent sex game.

Where to find the best violent games

Well, here, of course. I have played all of the violent games that haven't been banned, and many that have and I've reviewed all of them here. I want you cunts to find the best fucking violent sex game because I know how fucking hard they can be to find. Oh sure, every fucking porn game site has a violent sex game, but most of them are fucking terrible. Here, you'll find lists upon lists of the best fucking violent sex games in the fucking world! Come and check out the best violent porn games with me, you'll love them!

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